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The Maison Piaget

The Maison Piaget

The delicate art of enameling by Piaget

The Art of Enameling as Practiced by Piaget, the Luxury Swiss Watchmaker

With its rich vein of creativity, the Manufacture Piaget offers numerous opportunities for personalizing watch creations and draws on the talents of the most ingenious artistic crafts. Its exceptional models require the contribution of only the very best craftsman, such as Anita Porchet, an internationally-acclaimed independent enameller. Combining different techniques to produce creations of great sophistication, Piaget thus contributes to the preservation of the artistic crafts that are so closely linked to the spirit of Fine Watchmaking. Enamel as a material is a glass compound to which metal oxides are added so as to obtain an infinite range of colors and tints. The “oven-fired” enamels used by Piaget reach their point of fusion at an extremely high temperature of more than 800°C, which gives them their exceptional purity and ensures their durability. Various techniques of enameling are used such as cloisonné, champlevé, flinqué and miniature painting. The latter uses the all of the dexterity and sensitivity of the master enameller. Layer after layer, it gives life to an exceptional painting that will be protected from the ravages of time by a transparent glaze called fondant and made according to the Geneva technique. Hand in hand, the Manufacture Piaget’s creative teams and Anita Porchet work together to explore new techniques of enameling in order to produce innovative special effects in a spirit of constantly renewed creativity.


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