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The Maison Piaget

Watch manufacturing

Conceiving Piaget Luxury Watches

It is in the engineering and development office that our engineers create all the external components for our watches (the watchcases, dials, bracelets, buckles and crowns), engaging in a constant process of dialogue with their watchmaker and designer colleagues. Backed by state-of-the-art computer software specifically developed for the Manufacture, these specialists rely on a multitude of simulations (in terms of friction, wear and tear, the resistance of the different materials, etc.) in order to ensure the long-term reliability of our watches. The fact that our team includes the full range of specializations involved in every stage of the watchmaking process is a major asset for Piaget, facilitating communication and interaction between the different domains of expertise and skills. Some operations are carried out using digital technology, others are performed by hand. The case of a Piaget watch is designed to reflect the perfection of the movement it houses. The production process includes a series of approximately sixty operations to add decorations and finishes to the case, thus taking care of the slightest detail and the smallest surface. From the initial design to the final finishes, Piaget luxury watches are entirely produced in-house. Piaget develops its equipment over time while conserving ancestral techniques and preserving its own carefully guarded secrets.

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