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Telemedicine Project in the Bolivian Altiplano

The Altiplano project was launched on June 23, 2011 with the aim of giving back to Altiplano what it has given to Piaget. Piaget has partnered with HUG and the RAFT telemedicine network in order to finance a project for isolated areas of the Bolivian Altiplano. It was decided to equip five health centers with ultrasound and to link them by internet, giving the inhabitants of the Bolivian Altiplano easier access to medical expertise and giving health personnel training in telemedicine.

Desert in Bolivia visited by the Piaget team

In October 2011, the Altiplano project team spent a week in Bolivia visiting all five sites: Hospital de Clinicas in the capital city of La Paz, l’Hospital Municipal in Copacabana, l’Hospital Municipal in Patacamaya, le Centro de Salud in San Pablo de Tiquina, and le Centro de Salud in Yumani. Natasha Hertz from Piaget and Prof. Antoine Geissbuhler, Project Supervisor were there to witness the progress of the planned operations and the success of the implementation of the first phase of the project.

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