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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Piaget Christmas Fair 2012

The magic of the Limelight Garden Party collection

Piaget organized its 2012 Christmas Fair at the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo on December 8-9 2012. It was the ideal opportunity to present its "Limelight Garden Party" collection.
In a bucolic setting, a year after the launch of the Limelight Garden Party collection, this year Piaget took the collection on a moonlit walk.

Presentation of the Limelight Garden Party collection
Piaget Rose fine jewelry collection

For the magic of jewels is not quite completely timeless: enhanced by diamonds and sparkling precious stones, the pieces in the collection responded quite brilliantly to the darkness of night in the Piaget garden.
Bathed in the moonlight, the Rose Piaget proudly unfurled its petals. Its splendor is worthy of Piaget whose inspiration seems to be inlaid in the tiniest details.
Like fireworks that light up the party's night sky, the jewels testify to the expertise of the master jewelers of whom Piaget is so proud.
More like creators of dreams than creators of jewelry, the artist-jewelers at Piaget had composed a shimmering garden in the morning dew.
In the sparkling Christmas atmosphere, guests were able to admire the different pieces of this poetic collection which embodies, on a small scale, the infinite breadth of nature.

Limelight Garden Party necklace in white gold, diamonds, sapphires and chalcedony
Limelight Garden Party diamond necklace and earrings
Dinner organized by Piaget
Christmas tree decorated with Piaget ornaments
Dessert served at the Piaget Christmas Fair

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