New Brand Ambassador Gong Li

Piaget announcing new Brand Ambassador Gong Li in the stunning China debut of its Couture Précieuse high jewelry collection.

Piaget, the world’s leading luxury watchmaker and jeweler, launched its latest Couture Précieuse high jewelry collection in on June 21, 2013 in Beijing at the capital city’s 798 Art Zone. At this joyful moment Piaget also announced its new global brand ambassador: Gong Li, the internationally famed movie star, a global symbol of beauty, talent, and dedication, the actress ideally exemplifies Piaget’s endless pursuit for perfection.

Piaget shared this moment with distinguished guests, including Philippe Léopold-Metzger, Chief Executive Officer of Piaget, Dimitri Gouten, President of Piaget Asia Pacific, and Thomas Bouillonnec, Managing Director of Piaget China, witnessed the enchanting moment together with Piaget’s new global ambassador Gong Li and other guests from all over the world. Drawing inspiration from Haute Couture, which represents the highest levels of expertique in fashion, particularly from its exquisite details, Piaget created the Couture Précieuse collection, presenting timeless masterpieces with unrivaled craftsmanship. The House adopted a unique color palette of black, red and white to symbolize feminine beauty, and highlighted three creative themes: “Radiant Lace”,“Diamond Embroidery” and “Magnificent Adornments.”

Gong Li, Piaget brand ambassador

Achieving dreams through the search for perfection: Gong Li’s successful career

After a long process of deliberation, Piaget selected Gong Li as its brand ambassador, seeing in the actress a woman whose spirit truly matches Piaget’s own traditions of pursuing perfection. Highly-acclaimed for her roles in movies, such as Raise the Red Lantern, and Farewell My Concubine, Gong Li is the first Chinese movie star to appear on the cover of Times. She is also the only Chinese movie star to receive prizes for her personal achievements during the three major international film festivals. With her majestic air, distinctive personality, and elegant style, Gong Li never fails to leave a deep impression on her audiences.

From the tough Jiu’er in Red Sorghum, to the headstrong, but good-natured Juxian in Farewell, My Concubine, and the unyielding Qiu Ju in The Story of Qiu Ju, the actress has played a number of memorable roles. In creating her characters, Gong Li fully immerses herself in the part, demonstrating her passion and commitment to her career. For example, when playing Jiu’er, Gong Li spent days carrying heavy buckets of water across her shoulders to experience the life of the country woman she sought to depict on the silver screen. Despite the difficulty, Gong Li practiced until she too could carry full buckets of water. Her undying pursuit of perfection, courage in the face of hardship, and innovation in acting make the actress the perfect match for Piaget, and its more than one hundred years of mastery in jewelry-making.

A shared passion: Piaget and Gong Li

Like Piaget, Gong Li achieved success not only through her innate talent, but also through her determination and pursuit of breakthroughs in her career. Her extreme attention to detail also has helped her to make the awe-inspiring appearance at every occasion. “Movies are an important part of my life. I try my best to show each role passion and great attention to detail. I feel the character with my heart and merge with the world of the film to bring about the best possible outcome. The same is true for Piaget - the House always embraces challenges, and is a true pioneer in the field of high jewelry and watchmaking,” said Gong Li. Her endless passion for creation, her high standards, and her innovations in acting have made her an ideal match for Piaget, the master jeweler with a tradition of technical expertique for over one hundred years that continues to innovate and dedicate supreme effort to each piece. Gong Li’s search for perfection in acting has helped her create many deeply moving characters, while Piaget’s dedication to technical excellence and ingenious designs has continued to give birth to an enchanting array of Piaget high jewelry items.

Over a century of tradition: Piaget’s foundations of craftsmanship

Since its establishment in 1874, Piaget has been known for its creative masterpieces, revolutionary initiatives, and attention to detail. From design and modeling, to selection of gems and communications, Piaget’s designers, gemologists, gem-setters, and jewelers work in perfect harmony, leading to excellence throughout all stages of production. Focusing on quality and accuracy, Piaget’s master craftsmen bring marvelous pieces to life, in line with the philosophy, “Always do better than necessary” – a belief shared by both Piaget and its new global ambassador.

Gong Li, Piaget brand ambassador

Piaget Couture Précieuse: Expressions of beauty

“Noble,” “elegant” and “luminous” are three perfect words to describe Gong Li. The three colors dominating the Piaget Couture Précieuse collection also embody these same concepts. The color red glows like fire, black evokes the mystery of the night, while white shines as clearly as dew. Photographs of Gong Li in the Piaget Couture Précieuse collection show the actress preparing for a breathtaking appearance at an international film event. In one series of photos, Gong Li wears a golden mermaid-style gown, while a necklace inspired by lace folding fans from the Couture Précieuse collection gently curves across her neck, complementing exquisite earrings from the same collection. In another photo, she wears a white dress with a sweeping neckline a delicate diamond and pearl tassel necklace, and a pair of braided earrings. Her supreme elegance and sophistication perfectly express the exquisiteness of the Piaget pieces.

Couture Précieuse: A tribute to feminine beauty

Inspired by the details of Haute Couture craftmentship, Piaget created custom jewelry pieces. Piaget invited the renowned couture illustrator David Downton to immortalize the finest pieces of the Piaget Couture Précieuse collection, using a color palette of white, black, and red to redefine the true beauty of femininity. David Downton has created countless classic high fashion moments, using his brush to capture Haute Couture dresses. Now, for the first time, he lent his brush to a jewelry brand, interpreting the Haute Couture inspiration of the Couture Précieuse collection with his vivid touches.

The themes of Couture Précieuse – “Diamond Embroidery,” “Radiant Lace,” and “Magnificent Adornment” - demonstrate the collection’s inspiration by Haute Couture. The concept of “Diamond Embroidery” originates from the art of corsetry, and the intricacies of ribbons, emphasizing the feminine silhouette. “Radiant Lace” comes from the detailing of Venetian lace evening gowns, again revealing the depth of feminine beauty through unique elements such as fans, lace patterns and embroidery. “Magnificent Adornment” features buttons from uniforms, “Brandebourg” elements, and tassels, highlight the unique character of women. The collection’s ingeniously-crafted openwork gem-set necklaces caress the neck like a swaths of fabric, while diamond detailing gleams on the wearer’s neck and wrist, celebrating the spirit of Haute Couture and the exceptional creativity and prestige craftsmanship of Piaget.

Bringing Piaget Couture Précieuse jewelry collection to China

On the site of grand ceremony at the New Tank space in Beijing 798 Art Zone, dancers in white, black, and red – the colors of the collection – moved across a stage of mirrors, inviting the audience into a fantastic and dramatic world, while models wearing pieces from the Couture Précieuse collection wandered gracefully through the crowd, presenting the unique elegance of Piaget’s masterpieces.

As a highlight of the night, Gong Li, the global brand ambassador of Piaget, emerged on the central stage from among the rotating mirrors in her favorite pieces from the collection, announcing the debut of Couture Précieuse in China. Piaget executives and distinguished guests from all over the world witnessed the exceptional historical moment. After exhibiting in Beijing, Piaget will bring the collection to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Dalian and Hangzhou, allowing an even larger audience to experience the extreme beauty of Couture Précieuse.

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