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Piaget Society

Chie Ayado

The jazz singer Chie Ayado wears Piaget Hearts for her new album.

Chie Ayado, one of the leading jazz singers in Japan, is wearing Piaget Hearts jewelry for her new album “Wonderful World” (East House, Inc.), to be released in celebration of the 15th anniversary of her debut.

After completing her previous album, “Prayer”, she was struck with thoughts on how strong and beautiful the world is.

The Piaget Hearts collection is comprised of those instances in life that you want to treasure forever.
The heart is an eternally feminine motif and when worn it brings a mysterious appeal that proves impossible to resist.
Wearing Piaget Hearts jewelry, Chie Ayado now entrusts her deep love and feelings for the world to her new album.

Chie Ayado wearing an elegant Miss Protocole jewelry watch, paired with a pink mother of pearl pendant and bracelet
Doubling up a long necklace from the Piaget Hearts collection lends a classic, feminine appeal
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6.21.12 Celebrities
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