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“Once Upon A Star” - a tale by Piaget

Celebrating the Holidays with a Piaget Tale of Gold and Diamonds

piaget christmas tale

Filled with joy, hope and wonder, the holiday season is a time when loved ones come together to share unforgettable moments and exchange heartfelt gifts. It is also a time of year when stories from past times are shared; the same radiant tales that continue to inspire and fascinate us today.

One of those treasured tales is the story of a young boy who, inspired by a shining star, brought radiance into the world through the beauty of gold and diamonds. It was on a cold winter’s night in the small mountain village of La Côte-aux-Fées, in Switzerland that the boy saw a bright golden star flash across the sky and fall into the snowy woods. He set out into the darkness to find that shining star, and placed it safely in his pocket. Suddenly filled with inspiration and talent, he began to invent and create the most beautiful pieces of jewelry from diamonds, gold, and precious stones. Radiant, pure and brilliant, these creations would become the source of the brightest light and it is said that anyone who possessed one of these pieces owned a small ray of the star that fell from the sky on that winter’s night. This young boy, Georges Edouard Piaget became years later an inimitable name in the world of luxury and fine watchmaking.

Once again, this holiday, the radiance of Piaget collections brings pleasure and delight to loved ones. Cold winter nights are once again filled with the sparkle of diamonds and the warm luminous splendour of gold. Born under the brightest star, Piaget watch and jewelry creations make timeless gifts that capture all the emotion of the holidays and turn shared moments into the most unforgettable ones.

Starry Nights Filled with Sparkling Lights

Celebrating a life filled with radiant moments, flamboyant and colourful creations bring dazzling exuberance to a New Year’s Eve gathering or become treasures nestled under the tree. Exuberant, charismatic and always timeless, these pieces light up the night sky in a brilliant display of gold workmanship and sophisticated gem setting.

Like an explosion of stars, the Sunny Side of Life high jewelry necklace with its rays of gold playfully caresses a graceful neckline. The distinctively Piaget Palace decor in pink gold creates a woven iridescent charm set with a generous dusting of diamonds and a cushion-cut pink spinel from Myanmar (G37M8600).

In a signature Piaget style, the intricate Serenissima high jewelry manchette (Cuff Bracelet) pairs the delicate appearance of woven pink gold with the vibrant appeal of pink gemstones. The shimmering gold cuff is embellished with an extravagant setting of scintillating spinels, diamonds and marquise sapphires. (G36M6600)

In a gold-smithing technique unique to Piaget, the “Décor Palace” gives the outside surface of the Extremely Piaget pink gold bracelet an alluring iridescent effect with its shimmering mesh-like texture, seductively catching the eye as a flourish of brilliant diamonds plays a game of hide-and-seek against the gold. (G36LB216)

The precious gold of the Extremely Piaget ring has been given a captivating shimmer so that it mysteriously plays with the light, as a cascade of brilliant diamonds delicately embroidered into the gold sparkle bright with each movement. (G34L5C52)

Twinkling stars to make the world yours

Evoking a world in constant motion where everything becomes possible, one turn of the iconic Possession ring in a simple gesture unleashes an abundance of positive energy around every woman. The gift of a Possession ring, bangle or pendant becomes a generous invitation to reveal a world of unlimited possibilities.

A sublime companion around her finger in pink gold, the Possession ring is an evocative and sensual jewelry ritual. The voluptuous central band of the gold ring turns freely, dazzling with a brilliant diamond for good luck, in celebration of the infinite power she has to follow her dreams and aspirations (G34P6A00).

Bringing the addictive daily ritual of the Possession collection, two turning paved bands sparkling with the fire of brilliant diamonds rotate freely at either end of a flexible pink gold open bangle. The polished pink gold of the bangle is embellished with a sprinkling of diamonds set along the bracelet. (G36PV400)

Feminine and graceful, the iconic Possession ring becomes a precious pendant in pink gold and diamonds. Turning freely on itself, the central band of the pendant is set with a row of diamonds creating an effect of roundness and elegance. (G33P0091)

Entirely set with a profusion of brilliant diamonds, the white gold Possession bracelet is the ultimate gift of radiance, an exclusive piece as precious as twinkling stars. At either end of the bangle, two turning bands lavishly enhanced with rows of brilliant diamonds sparkle brightly. (G36PV600).

Gifts as Pure and Bright as the Whitest Snow

No gift is too beautiful or too bright unless it has fallen from the Piaget star.

Sensual and timelessly elegant, the Limelight Gala watch is defined by its round case enhanced by two dainty elongated asymmetrical lugs, its voluptuous curves set with graded round diamonds and a supple Milanese mesh pink gold bracelet. (G0A41213)

Nothing compares to the extraordinary brightness of marquise cut diamonds radiating around the dial. Like a bright flower opening up to the rays of the sun, 24 marquise-cut diamonds are set a white gold high jewelry mounting, contrasting with the black dial of this elegant and flamboyant watch. (G0A41252)

Born under the brightest stars, the Limelight Stella watch is an ode to the seductive power of the moon. Mysterious and captivating, this model in pink gold with its moon phases hemmed with scintillating diamonds will release the woman wearing in it from the linear constraints of time (G0A40110)

With pure lines, an understated dial and a supple bracelet, the Altiplano Gold Bracelet combines the timeless elegance of a style icon with the latest urban chic. Like a dazzling shooting star, the white gold case is set with 68 brilliant cut diamonds. (G0A40109)

A Tale of Time: The Star Power of Radiant Piaget Watches

This holiday, Piaget invites watch lovers to share its unconditional love of the world’s slimmest mechanisms and the other bright stars born of its watchmaking virtuosity.

Breaking all records of slenderness as one of the world’s thinnest mechanical watch, the Altiplano 38mm 900P is neither entirely a movement nor entirely a case but both at once. The simplicity and purity of the aesthetics of the watch might make one forget the complexities within what truly makes it the world’s thinnest mechanical watch. (G0A41011). The Altiplano with ultra-thin Piaget Manufacture 1205P, self-winding mechanical movement is the thinnest in the world (3mm) and features a small second at 5 o’clock and date indications at 9 o’clock (G0A38131)

The ingenious shape-within-shape pairing of a cushion-shaped slate grey dial within a round 42mm stainless steel case houses an automatic precision movement specifically designed for this creation. A sapphire case-back gives a glimpse of the movement’s beauty, and a bracelet of meticulously hand-assembled links completes the look. (G0A41003)

Equipped with the Manufacture 1160P self-winding mechanical movement, the Piaget Polo S Chronograph features a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock and a 12-hour counter at 9 o’clock, while the date is visible at 6 o’clock. With a silvered cushion-shaped dial, this stainless steel variation of a Piaget classic is effortlessly elegant. (G0A41004)

The Emperador Coussin XL Minute Repeater is a feat of technical and gem-setting virtuosity. Such an exceptional movement deserves exceptional design with 260 brilliant-cut breath-taking diamonds and 60 baguette-cut diamonds set on its 18K white gold cushion case. (G0A38018)

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