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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Piaget is featured in the latest French films

For six years, Piaget has supported the annual Independent Film ceremony in Los Angeles known as the Spirit Awards – a link to the world of film that the Swiss watchmaker maintains through its association every year with numerous films in France and abroad. And especially so this month with the release of the French films Jappeloup, Möbius and Amour et Turbulences


“Jappeloup” film poster
Daniel Auteuil and Marina Hands in “Jappeloup

True to its passion for the world of horseriding, Piaget has developed a partnership with the latest film by Guillaume Canet: Jappeloup. The history tells the story of Pierre Durand who, in the early 1980s, gave up his career as a lawyer in order to race on a young horse, Jappeloup, in which few people had any faith. An incredible duo which would go on to win the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988. To give the film greater historical coherence, Guillaume Canet approached Piaget for sponsorship, in light of the brand’s 30+ year association with the world of horses.

In fact, from the 1980s onwards, Yves Piaget, a keen horse enthusiast, encouraged the company to forge links with the cream of high society sporting events. For the last five years, Piaget has been the official sponsor of one of the world’s most famous polo tournaments, even lending its name to the USPA Piaget Gold Cup at Palm Beach. A commitment which resurfaces in the film Jappeloup, where the Piaget logo adorns the official chronometers of the horse-riding competition and the barriers around the competition field, as it did back in the day. Daniel Auteuil wears a sublime Piaget luxury watch – a 38 mm Altiplano in rose gold, to be precise, equipped with an ultra-thin manufacture Piaget 430P mechanical movement and a black alligator-skin strap (G0A31114).

Möbius: the elegance of Possession watches worn by Cécile de France

Cécile de France and Jean Dujardin in “Mobius”
“Mobius” film poster

In his first film since his Oscar, Jean Dujardin plays Grégory Lioubov, aka Moïse, a Russian secret service officer sent to Monaco in order to survey the movements of a powerful businessman. As part of his mission, his team recruits the financial whiz kid Alice, played by Cécile de France. An impossible passion arises between them that leads inexorably to their downfall.

Outstanding as an undercover officer, Cécile de France chose the Possession jewelry collection to add the finishing touches to this tailor-made role. We see her on screen adorned with a white gold diamond-set necklace coupled with awhite gold and diamond bracelet. To complete the glorious set she selected a Piaget Altiplano luxury watch in rose gold.

Amour et Turbulences: a Piaget rose ring as a sign of eternal commitment...

“Amour et Turbulences” film poster
Ludivine Sagnier and Nicolas Bedos in “Amour et Turbulences”

On a plane bringing her back from New York to Paris where she is preparing to get married, Julie (Ludivine Sagnier) finds herself sitting next to Antoine, (Nicolas Bedos), a relentless ladies’ man with whom she was in love three years previously. The Piaget Rose diamond ring plays a central role in one of the key scenes, in which Ludivine Saigner shows her engagement ring to Nicolas Bedos to prove to him she really is about to get married.

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3.18.13 Cinema
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