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Piaget Society

Literary prizes

Winners Gen’ichirō Takahashi and Keigo Higashino

In accordance with tradition, Gen’ichirō Takahashi, winner of the 48th Jun'ichirō Tanizaki Prize for Sayonara Christopher Robin* (pub. 25/04/12 by Shinchosha) and Keigo Higashino, winner of the 7th Chūōkōron Literary Prize for Namiya Zakkaten no Kiseki ** (pub. 30/03/12 by Kadokawa Shoten) were both presented, in addition to their prizes, with an elegant Piaget Altiplano watch.

The magnificent Altiplano watch, presented to both winners, is a refined and contemporary historic ultra-thin hand-made 40 mm model, proof of the outstanding technical prowess of Piaget.

The two authors whose names are sure to live on will therefore be able to sport on their wrists a watch which can be handed down with great joy from generation to generation.

*Literal translation: Goodbye Christopher Robin
**Literal translation: Miracles at the Namiya Boutique

Gen’ichirō Takahashi receiving the Piaget Altiplano watch
Keigo Higashino receiving his Piaget Altiplano watch
10.19.12 Prizes & Awards
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