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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Ylvisaker Cup

Piaget 10 vs. Goose Creek 8

Tano Vial and Cote Zegers scored the opening goals of the match for a 2-0 lead. Joaquin Panelo got Piaget polo team on the scoreboard with a single goal and the first chukker ended with Piaget trailing, 2-1. Vial and Miguel Astrada exchanged goals in the second chukker with Vial opening the chukker with a penalty conversion, 3-1. Astrada delivered a well-placed cut shot through the goal posts in the final minute of play to end the period trailing Goose Creek, 3-2. Third chukker goals from Luis Escobar and Zegers extended the Goose Creek lead to three goals, 5-2, but a penalty conversion by Astrada cut it back to a two goal lead, 5-3 to end the first half.

Astrada cut the lead so a single goal, 5-4, on a 90 yard shot through the goal posts, but Goose Creek was up to the challenge. Maureen Brennan scored her first goal of the game to give her Goose Creek team a 6-4 advantage with two periods left in regulation time.

Astrada cut the Goose Creek lead back to a single goal on a backhand cut shot through the goal posts in the opening minute of the fifth. He followed it up with a penalty conversion that tied it at 6-6.

His third goal of the chukker gave Piaget their first lead of the game, 7-6, when Goose Creek finally responded. Vial’s third goal of the game ended the chukker and tied it up at 7-7.

Miguel Novillo Astrada at the Ylvisaker Cup

Piaget polo team at the Ylvisaker Cup

Piaget had struggled with the Goose Creek defense throughout the game, but seemed to come alive in the second half, and Astrada credited the realignment of the team for their success.

“...We moved Bollini (Juan Bollini) forward in the second half and had Panelo playing a bit further back in the lineup, and it worked,” said Astrada.

“...It allowed me more room to operate in and with Bollini opening holes; we were able to break through the Goose Creek defenders.”

The plan worked and Astrada went on to score three sixth chukker goals while Piaget held Goose Creek to a single goal from Escobar in the 10-8 win.


Astrada led the scoring with nine goals on the day, including three penalty conversions, and was named MVP. Panelo added a single goal. Vial recorded three goals for Goose Creek (one on a penalty shot). Zegers and Escobar added two goals each and team captain Maureen Brennan scored once kin a losing effort. Astrada’s 8-year-old Bay gelding, Chaleco, was honored as Best Playing Pony.

Joaquin Panelo at the Ylvisaker Cup
Melissa Ganzi & Joaquin Panelo at the Ylvisaker Cup
Joaquin Panelo at the Ylvisaker Cup
2.8.13 Sports
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