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Piaget’s Engagement Rings: symbol of eternal love

As intense and as promising as a lifetime pledge of love, engagement rings of Piaget Possession collection, deliver a message as exquisite as the emotions that inspired their creation. The charms works as the ring turns. Choose your lovely one: In pink, yellow or white gold, you wear more than a ring, it is an object.

gold engagement ring More information.

Piaget Possession gold engagement ring collection is born a feminine, round, generous piece. It plays with musicality, with its two bands ringing against one another. It is decorated with diamonds and coloured stones, with its half-moon setting, and in 1995, it becomes Piaget emblematic wedding ring. On some versions, the number of turning rings may vary: 1, 3 or 5 rings.

Piaget gold engagement ring: for her and forever

For her, for him, forever: gold engagement rings of the Piaget Collection are a treasure to cherish. The last Possession version is eccentric: the turning ring is off-centre. It is the only ring with two diamonds that meet completely by chance as the rings turn. Haunting, like music, intoxicating, like a dance.

Piaget’s craftsmanship: sparkling gold engagement ring

Piaget has earned a worldwide reputation for impressive craftsmanship. For its Possession gold engagement ring, every diamond is cut, adjusted and set by hand in order to create a unique masterpiece, symbol of your eternal love. The entire mechanism of the ring is invisible, the technical principle of Possession is protected by Piaget craftsmen in the greatest secrecy.

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