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White gold diamond engagement ring by Piaget

As intense and as promising as a lifetime pledge of love, wedding rings of Piaget Possession collection, deliver a message as exquisite as the emotions that inspired their creation. The charms works as the ring turns. Choose your lovely one: In pink, yellow or white gold, you wear more than a ring, it is an object.

white gold diamond engagement ring More information.

Stunning white gold diamond engagement ring by Piaget: The Manufacture’s designers imagined a round, pure and refined wedding and engagement ring in order to make your dream come true. In the true spirit of a myth, it has no regard for the passing time and decides to have its own name engraved on its rings: Possession. The ring becomes an icon, embodying the fusion of technique and style.

Piaget wedding and engagement creations: for her, for him, forever

For her, for him, forever: white gold diamond engagement rings of the Piaget Collection are a treasure to cherish. The last Possession version is eccentric: the turning ring is off-centre. It is the only ring with two diamonds that meet completely by chance as the rings turn. Haunting, like music, intoxicating, like a dance.

Piaget’s craftsmanship: sparkling white gold diamond engagement ring

Piaget’s designers and gemologists unite their imagination and skills to create for you exceptional white gold diamond engagement rings. Cut and set by hands, the whole wedding and engagement rings collection of Piaget inspires love and happiness. Possession wedding rings are a mystery: a perfectly mastered technique is required to achieve this feat.

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