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Golden Oasis

Golden Oasis High Jewellery Collection in Monaco

Inspired by the mysterious curves of a breath-taking desert landscape, Golden Oasis high jewellery captures the vivid light and intense hues from dusk till dawn.

In celebration of nature, Golden Oasis channels life into three distinctive facets of this beckoning environment: Play of Lights, Desert Minerals and Native Bloom. Harnessing Piaget’s artisanal craftsmanship and visionary imagination, this high jewellery collection bursts with energy and splendour in gold and vivid gemstone details. Recognised by our daring vision and celebrated savoir-faire, we remain one of the world’s most prestigious watchmaker-jewellers for over 140 years. Piaget’s high jewellery is the pinnacle of the Maison’s bold style, where master artisans expertly blend precious metals, pure gems and innovative designs into true masterworks of art.


Play of Lights finds inspiration from the infinite skies above the rolling desert. From the sun flares of the day to the star-studded night sky, a dance of celestial radiance is recreated through shimmering gemstones and gold.


When the sun is at its zenith, the earth momentarily basks in the warmth of an intense light. Golden Hour captures this fleeting point in time, when the sandy landscape glitters with a thousand rays of luminosity. It took one year to Piaget’s gemologist to gather all the diamonds of the Golden hour set as well as 450 hours of jewellery work, which makes this set a spectacular feat in craftsmanship

golden hour high jewellery necklace
piaget golden hour gold diamond necklace

Seizing the exact ephemeral moment just before sunset and after sunrise, the Golden Hour high jewellery necklace is a poetic ode to the sun that warms the earth. A delicate mix of warm yellow and pure white diamonds is used to recreate the perfect light of golden hour, while the vivid yellow colour reflects the glow of the desert sand. 

The Golden Hour high jewellery necklace in platinum and 18K yellow gold features a stunning 6.63 carats fancy vivid yellow diamond. Fancy vivid yellow diamonds are rare by nature as only one out of 10,000 diamonds are classified as fancy coloured and of those, only six percent of all yellow fancy coloured diamonds are graded as fancy vivid.


Desert Minerals celebrates the purity of raw life, portrayed through a palette of intense colours, spectacular designs and intricate shapes. This is a story of origins, where precious diamonds, rubies and sapphires become works of art. Desert Minerals speaks of the scenery’s smooth, sun-soaked rocks as well as the rippling crystal pools that quench the earth.


Drawing inspiration from the sight of a magnificent waterfall hidden within the winding curves of the desert canyons, Blue Waterfall is a secret place of hidden wonders. Blue sapphire contrasted against pure white diamonds echoes the sunlight’s reflection on millions of water droplets. 

The Blue Waterfall white gold high jewellery necklace is set with a cushion-cut blue sapphire of 14.61 carats.  The blue sapphire is described by Piaget’s gemologist as “the most beautiful sapphire from Madagascar I have ever seen”.  

The necklace features an antique cushion cut to highlight the extraordinary level of blue intensity in the evenly solidcoloured stone. The necklace falls along the neck as if to mimic the flow of water. 

blue waterfall white gold high jewellery watch

The Blue Waterfall high jewellery watch from the same set continues the thematic exploration of the waterfall. It is epitomised by an intricate marquise-cut sapphire setting on the bezel that surrounds a white mother-of-pearl dial.  

Piaget selects only the finest and largest mother-of-pearls, which possess an extremely white distinctive untreated colour – a mark of the highest quality – due to the environment in which the oysters are cultivated.  

piaget luxury gold bracelet watch
piaget gold watch with sapphires

The gold case of the Blue Waterfall white gold high jewellery watch is complemented with a bracelet engraved with Palace Decor – one of the Maison’s signature. The exclusive technique involves manually engraving the precious metal and tightly assembled links to create a unique effect. The Palace Decor in the Blue Waterfall watch evokes the jagged rocks of the lagoon, beautifully highlighting the stark contrast of the tumbling sapphires.

The Secret Water watch takes inspiration from the seemingly endless reflection of the vast sky into a pool of water. For this piece, the Maison returns to its love of opal, a precious stone that has made an appearance in Piaget’s creations since the sixties. 

One particular stone vividly illustrates the richness of the Earth: the opal, composed of a range of different crystals. The world according to Piaget resembles an opal, composed of various tastes and preferences.

M. Yves G. Piaget

The watch’s Palace Decor high jewellery bracelet, like the rippling sandstone walls carved by warm desert winds, reinforces the magnificent black opal dial enveloped by an 18K rose gold case set with diamonds.  

Sourced in Australia of only the finest quality, the black opal reflects a medley of yellow, green and blue hues. The reflection depends on the structure of the stone. Small silica spheres bring out blue hues while larger ones enhance red tones. The motions and movement can also alter the opal’s light effects, making each stone exceptionally unique. 


Native bloom honours the nuances of nature’s perfect design, drawing energy from the desert flora that thrive in the face of adversity. Wild flowers and plants lend their unusual shapes and fusions of colour to the vivid gemstones and flowering creations of Native Bloom. These are the jewels of the desert, in all their stunning, blooming glory. 

Luxuriant Oasis

Luxuriant Oasis reveals the high jewellery collection’s true nature – a sun-soaked sanctuary of tranquility and stillness. It serves as a breath of fresh air, portraying a peaceful paradise beautifully contrasted against the arid desert. 

Assembling the delicate leaves of Luxuriant Oasis required over one year of searching for the perfect set of luscious emeralds. The intense colour and beautiful pure crystals of these emeralds makes them extremely rare and of the finest quality. 

piaget craftsmanship gem-setting
luxury watch set with diamonds and emeralds

Featuring row upon row of delicate marquise-cut emeralds that speak of the lush leaves of the oasis, the Luxuriant Oasis high jewellery necklace emits an intense green glow. The subtle curved design echoes winding river shores, and the lines culminate with a single pear-shaped, brilliant-cut diamond of 3.01 carats.

Mimicking the dynamic movement of dancing, glistening leaves, the Luxuriant Oasis diamond necklace elegantly transforms, as the pear-shaped diamond can be removed and worn on its own on a white gold chain. 

diamond necklace with emeralds
high jewellery necklace with pear-shaped diamonds

The marquise-cut was inspired by a woman’s smile. This precious ellipse, with its tapering cone-shaped tips, can only be cut from a large stone in order to achieve this 55-facet diamond. The fire of the stone starts from the centre and flames out to each end, giving it a unique radiance so deeply cherished by Piaget that the stone has ultimately become the Maison’s signature. 

marquise-cut diamond necklace inspired by a woman’s smile

An energetic celebration of vibrant life, the Vegetal Laces high jewelery ear cuff brilliantly displays alternate diamonds and rich green emeralds in a radiant plant design. In a statement of strength and vitality, the graphic shapes of the agaves are contrasted against the consistency of the desert ground. The 18K white gold ear cuff shines with a 1.45 carat pear-shaped emerald from Colombia alongside complementing stones, all of which took over one year to source. This high jewellery necklace emits a deep green hue reminiscent of the agave plants that pepper the desert landscape, expressing the power of life.

high jewellery diamond watch
piaget golden oasis high jewellery necklace