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We respect that your vintage timepiece is close to your heart. That is why only our most highly-qualified watchmakers carry out restorations. They will delicately and responsibly restore it and trace its history. They will look for a personalized solution to care for your piece, recover its original condition and ensure it has long-term.


We understand that each watch represents a story of memories and special moments. Whether it is an extremely rare or more contemporary watch, you are in safe hands as our specialists can repair any Piaget movement from the last 140 years. 

Before the restoration begins, you will receive a personalized diagnosis together with a detailed cost estimate, taking into consideration all your requests. 

The restoration will then be performed by our master watchmakers in the Piaget workshop in Switzerland. They will disassemble your watch, restoring faulty parts, replacing parts or even manufacturing the part if it can no longer be found. They have unparalleled skills and will respect the traditions of Swiss watchmaking.

Piaget vintage watch restoration


Our Heritage Department can provide you with a Certificate for Insurance Purposes.

This document will indicate its current catalog price, if the watch is still on sale, if the watch is no longer on sale, and its price in Swiss francs on the occasion of the last sale by our Manufacture.

To receive this document simply get in touch with our Contact Center, and they can talk you through the procedure for obtaining this certificate as well as the costs. Alternatively, you can drop into a boutique or one of our authorized retailers. All that is required is the numbers engraved on the back of the watch.

The purpose of this document is to provide information for insurance purposes, such as the the historical catalog price and representing the recommended retail price (excluding taxes) in Swiss francs of a given model, without prejudice. This document is not a purchase or replacement offer, and does not certify authenticity.

If you need a value of the timepiece on the collectors' luxury watch market, we advise you to contact a specialist auction house.