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The essence of horlogerie

Altiplano ultra-thin watches are the ultimate expression of luxury, with elegant lines and world-record thin calibers.

Express your style with the new Altiplano watches, the result of expert savoir-faire and craftsmanship. Born to break records, Altiplano gathers watches of great technical prowess with inimitable pure lines in a collection dedicated to ultimate elegance.

ultra-thin watches for men

Directed by Jeremy Charbit with production company H&O and photographer Aurélie Hyson. Music Producer Johanne Kenniche and Emmanuel Desmadryl. Featuring models Maja Simonsen and Andrew Cooper.

altiplano luxury men watch and cufflinks
women ultra-thin watch
altiplano luxury men watch
skeleton rose gold watch for men

Thin and mighty

Rose or white gold and brilliant-cut diamonds on this ultra-thin watch gives an elevated feel to a pure and refined design.

altiplano white gold watch for men
luxury men watch in white gold

Midnight blue

Light and dark, the contrast between the midnight blue and the pure baguette-cut diamonds elevates this limited-edition Altiplano watch.

piaget altiplano men ultra-thin watch
altiplano rose gold watch for men

Handcrafted by nature

The Altiplano meteorite comes from the sky. Cut from a celestial stone, each dial is treated to reveal a unique stunning pattern and polished to shine.