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This quintessential late summer afternoon deserves to be carved in stone, or make that carved in countless coloured stones: pink, blue, yellow or green, as vibrantly diverse as this joyful season. Precious gems pave the way towards the oncoming evening, celebrating the delicious lightness of a life dotted with radiant moments, spent revelling in the creative talent shown in Nature and in a jewellery art that honours it by attempting to equal it.

Sunny Side of Life, the new High Jewellery and Fine Watchmaking collection from the Maison Piaget is like a jubilant burst of laughter marking the start of a summer party. The kind of which Piaget has always been the life and soul, through the Piaget Society uniting charismatic talents and personalities sharing the same energy and flamboyance. A vibrancy clearly perceptible everywhere here in Palm Springs, not far from Hollywood, the source of inspiration for this collection.

Sunny Side of Life studs the bright sky of a dream location with 150 precious treasures, representing as many reasons for believing that life is a party, a sunny moment that can be prolonged at will.

If joy were to choose a season to blossom, it would undoubtedly give pride of place to summer. And if this joy were to take on a festive tone infused with the delight of succumbing to the charm of going with the flow, one particular time of day would the obvious choice. The sublime moment when the sun no longer burns and its rays instead delicately caress bodies still quivering from the effects of its ardent fervour, yet nurtured by a fiery energy that will set them dancing the night away.


The light of this Californian summer is subtly changing and the pool area is the scene of joyful effervescence. Lithe, delicately bronzed limbs shod in elegant heels glide around the blue waters. The water ripples gently at the touch of a preciously adorned hand glinting with the fire of a ring: a bouquet of diamonds set on a white gold table and surrounding a 5.85-carat yellow diamond – a kind of mineral sunflower that outshines the almost setting sun (G34HK800). And then the young woman gives the water a resounding tap like an enthusiastic hand-clap ordering everyone to get ready. It’s party time!

G34HK800 Sunny Side of Life yellow emerald and diamond ring
G37M9000 Sunny Side of Life rose gold necklace with Paraiba tourmaline

A dainty wrist, radiating a luxuriant floral beauty enhanced by two oval-cut 2.89-carat diamonds (G0A41274,) also proclaims its readiness to embrace the surprises and shining pleasures of the evening. A 18-carat rose gold diamond cuff watch (G0A41224) with a Palace décor, also reminds one and all that the time has come for a festive interlude, echoing the “let’s party” invitation.

The last rays of the sun play gently across graceful necks and delicate décolletages, adorned with a luxury necklace (G37M9000) bearing the same Palace decor creating a woven, incandescent and iridescent charm to which a 7.84-carat oval Paraiba tourmaline from Mozambique lends a delightfully cool touch; or a rose gold diamond necklace (G37M8600) set with a cushion-cut Burmese spinel.

G0A41263 Sunny Side of Life rose gold diamond watch
G0A41224 Sunny Side of Life rose gold cuff watch

Bursts of laughter have replaced the luminous glow of this summer evening, adding to the musical ambiance that sets sleek and sophisticated figures dancing to the beat. Light silk muslin fabrics with floral prints and colourful plantlife patterns sway gently in the breeze wafting in from the luminous hills beyond, through which a southerly wind is blowing. It naturally makes many wish to take another dip into the deep green of the pool, around which naturally elegant, casually dressed and instinctively chic young women are starting to congregate. 

The first candles are lit, like fireflies dancing across the night blue sky that the sun is attempting to resist. The pool has taken on the same hue, playing with the reflection of a palm leaf in this watery mirror, lit only by the fire of this necklace inspired by the foliage of the ultimate exotic palm trees lining each Palm Springs avenue. The delicate hue of their leafy branches is picked up in the precious green of two 7.17 and 4.35-carat pear-cut Colombian emeralds, surrounded by baguette and marquise-cut diamonds. The nonchalantly draped design of this one-of-a-kind, transformable creation exalts the beauty of the woman wearing it this evening, offering a journey to the heart of lush vegetation symbolised in a choker (G37M7800).


In a whirl of green shades that makes one lose track of time and place, women exult in the moment with a delightfully natural air. A high jewellery cuff watch surrounds a dainty wrist with abundant emerald and diamond foliage (G0A41271); while another is graced with overlaid engraved gold palm leaves, enhanced by a majestic cabochon-cut 21.10-carat Zambian emeralds, but only tells the time to those able to keep a secret (G0A41230).

G34HK200 Sunny Side of Life white gold diamond ring
G37M8100 Sunny Side of Life white gold diamond necklace

The wind lifts and the gaze sweeps across the precious scene, revelling in the beauty of this rose gold necklace studded with emeralds, white and yellow diamonds as well as tourmalines, while a 21.69-carat cabochon-cut Zambian emerald provides a striking highlight. This transformable piece can also be matched with earrings featuring the same stones cascading in an equally natural flow (G37M8200 / G38M8100).

The distinctive sound of a diamond ring with a 12.06-carat Colombian emerald centrepiece (G34HJ100) tinkling against a glass rouses guests from the pleasantly languorous mood.

A blue-clad modern nymph turns her head to listen, revealing an ear lobe adorned with a spray of pink tourmalines surrounding a non-heated 4.58-carat Madagascar pink sapphire (G38M8600). A midnight swim is announced.

The woman next to her laughs with delight, attempting to cover her mouth with her hand but instead attracting even more attention because of her luxury ring that appears to be sparkling with contagious happiness. Looking very much like an exquisitely dainty pink flamingo nestled in its feathers, a non-heated cushion-type 5.31-carat Madagascar pink sapphire surrounded by other sapphires in the same shade and white diamonds (G34HM200), seems to settle lightly on her luscious red lips.

G34HM200 Sunny Side of Life pink sapphire ring
G38M8700 Sunny Side of Life diamond and pink sapphire earrings


To make sure the adventurous nocturnal bathers are not lost in the depths, the swimming pool is lit up from within. Some women have dived in fully dressed and their outfits form pretty aquatic butterflies beneath the turquoise blue water, moving gently to the rhythm of the music. 

Stunning guests perched on the edge of the pool improvise a friendly game. A white gold diamond cuff bracelet featuring a Palace decor and studded with whimsically random-shape lapis lazuli random shapes (G36M4800), strikes up a joyful rivalry with another high jewellery cuff bracelet adorned with blue sapphires and diamonds. The latter creates a fascinating visual effect with a feather marquetry that could easily be mistaken for a finely worked mosaic pattern on the base of a swimming pool (G36M5100).

G36M3400 Sunny Side of Life lapis lazuli diamond cuff bracelet

Bets are struck on the steps, as two guests compete with each other to set the summer record for the longest time under the water. The woman who launched the contest picks up her diamond and lapis lazuli sautoir watch (G0A41214), a numbered edition that will count off the minutes remaining before the participants take a deep breath and plunge in.

One of the contestants glides through the clear water, a few strands of her long brown hair trailing behind her for a fleeting moment. She has left behind her on the edge of the pool her diamond necklace with its white gold elements now reflected in the water. This transformable, one-of-a-kind creation (G37M9800) captivates onlookers with its magnificent blue sapphire: a non-heated 16.20-carat cushion-cut stone from Sri Lanka.

G0A41214 Sunny Side of Life diamond and lapis lazuli sautoir watch
G38M9000 Sunny Side of Life lapis lazuli and diamond earrings

Bubbles rise to the surface and one can easily imagine the last breathless chuckles from the nymphs who realise they are running out of air. They emerge slowly and look up expectantly, as a luxury sautoir watch with a secret cover sways gently at the poolside, deliberately delaying the moment when it will reveal the eagerly awaited timing verdict. An 11.99-carat Australian black opal conceals the precious time, while four pear-cut emeralds vie with the shimmering beauty of a string of blue sapphires (G0A41250). The owner of this spectacular and one-of-a-kind model at last opens the cover of the watch with undisguised pride, and announces the time.

The swimmers gradually desert the pool after promising to resume their water-and-wave games at sunrise. The last lights of a gently ebbing party create geometric reflections on the surface of the pool that is now as smooth as a glassy sea, but will soon be awakened by the burning rays of the daystar… A last whisper of laughter reverberates in the distance, once again echoing the Sunny Side of Life.


Take another look at the #SunnySideOfLife collection of Haute Joaillerie and Haute Horlogerie, presented during Couture Fashion Week in Paris last July. Report by Luxe.TV in French