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Piaget Swiss manufacture



In the Swiss Jura mountains at over 1000 meters altitude, sits the small village of La Côte-aux-Fées. This is where Georges-Édouard Piaget ignited the spirit of our Maison.


Georges-Édouard Piaget felt a passion for watchmaking from a young age, in 1874 at only 19 he set up his first workshop on the family farm. Here, he dedicated himself to creating high precision movements and components. Even in these early days, his motto "always do better than necessary" is what pushed him to have a self-surpassing attitude that would continue to motivate Piaget today. 

From La Côte-aux-Fées to the world, from the farm to the Atelier, what drives Piaget remains the same, a dedication to excellence.

Piaget watchmaker family
Georges-Edouard Piaget watch


What started as a gift for his wife Emma, became the catalyst for Georges-Edouard Piaget's watchmaking obsession and the founding of the Maison.

    Piaget watchmaker box


    A motto by Georges-Edouard Piaget that continues to inspire us today.

      Piaget Swiss watchmakers


      In 1910 the family business was flourishing, with the Piaget family working together to carry on the legacy of Georges-Édouard.


        Piaget evolved at the hands of Timothée Piaget, Georges-Édouard's son. He transformed the company from being a manufacturer of movements to a creator of luxury wristwatches and pocket watches. In 1943 Piaget became a registered trademark and two years later, a new larger manufacture was set up in their home of La Côte-aux-Fées, laying the groundwork for the Piaget we know today. This acceleration was carried on by the third generation of the Piaget family, Gérald and Valentin Piaget.

        Piaget luxury watch and jewellery artisans
        Piaget luxury watches advertising


        As the Maison grew, we became renowned for our movements, and then our luxury watches.

          Gérald Piaget


          Gérald Piaget, with the help of his brother Valentin, pushed Piaget to its next natural step, taking the Maison global.

            Valentin Piaget


            Valentin Piaget, with his love for design, created our signature audacious style.

              Piaget La Côte-aux-Fées watch manufacture


              La Côte-aux-Fées is where the Piaget representation stems from.


                The obsession with the ultra-thin started with Valentin Piaget, who pursued this sleek technicality to cement it as a signature of the brand. In 1957, the mechanical hand-wound 9P caliber is what brought Piaget to center stage for ultra-thin movements, causing a splash at the Basel Fair. In 1960, the journey continued with the ingenious micro-rotor concept that enabled Piaget to create the thinnest automatic movement in the world, 12P caliber This established Piaget as the reference for elegance in men's ultra-thin watches.

                Piaget 9P luxury gold mechanical watch
                ultra-thin 9P Piaget watch movement


                At just 2mm thick this ultra-thin watch is the product of decades of dedication to ultra-thin watchmaking.

                  ultra-thin 12P Piaget watch movement

                  EXPLORING THE 12P CALIBER

                  Another celebration of the ultra-thin prowess of Piaget, the 12P measures in at just 2.3mm thick.

                    elegant watches

                    ULTIMATE ELEGANCE

                    The epitome of understated elegance.

                      HIGH JEWELLERY DEDICATION

                      In 1959, the first "Salon Piaget" was launched in Geneva. It was created to be a welcoming place where Piaget could share our creativity and savoir-faire, by showing the first of Piaget's luxury jewelry creations alongside refined timepieces.

                      Geneva also became home to Piaget's ateliers that specialized in goldsmithing and gem-setting, meaning the Maison could master every aspect of the production of our fine pieces.

                      Piaget watch designers and artisans
                      Piaget watch and jewellery advertising

                      THE FIRST PIAGET SALON

                      The extraordinary jewellery and watchmaking creations of Piaget were first proudly displayed in our premier boutique in Geneva in 1959.

                        diamond paved high jewellery watch

                        THE MAGIC OF HIGH JEWELLERY

                        As an ode to light and glamour, fully paved watches have become an icon of the Maison.

                          THE AUDACITY OF STYLE

                          Another motto that has defined the history of Piaget was coined by Valentin Piaget when he asked Maison's designers to "do what has never been done before." 

                          This instruction is what caused a sensation in 1963 when the first watches with ornamental stones set into the dial were released. This was explored further with the era-defining and vibrantly colorful "21st Century Collection". 

                          It was these glamorous and daring designs that attracted the attention of some of the brightest shining stars of the time like Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sophia Loren. This display of artistry is also what laid the foundations for great friendships with artists, beginning with Salvador Dalí in 1967.

                          Piaget gold pendant watch
                          Piaget hard stones watches

                          IN FULL COLOR

                          Bringing ornamental stones to watchmaking revolutionized the way color was used, becoming a vibrant signature of Piaget.

                            jackie kennedy Piaget watch

                            STYLE ICONS MEET

                            A historical figure and style icon, Jackie Kennedy wore a glamorous Piaget luxury watch.

                              luxury designer cuff watch

                              DARING CREATIVITY

                              1969 marks the creation of Piaget's famous "21st Century Collection".

                                Salvador Dali Piaget limited edition watch

                                WHEN PIAGET MEETS DALI

                                Bonded over their shared love of gold, Piaget acquired the rights to use Dali's designs for a limited edition collection in 1967.

                                  INTRODUCING PIAGET SOCIETY

                                  Piaget became synonymous with elegance, luxury and "beautiful people" under the 4th generation of the family with Yves Piaget.

                                  Piaget events became the place to be. The relaxed elegance of the time was crafted in gold in 1979 with the Piaget Polo watch, becoming the emblem of an era of luxury and tying the brand to Polo, the sport of kings.

                                  Piaget polo event
                                  Piaget Polo gold watch

                                  THE PIAGET POLO WATCH

                                  The pinnacle of casual chic that marked a whole generation.

                                    Piaget polo matches

                                    LIFE WITH STYLE

                                    The game that brings together sport with style and a lifestyle of elegance mirrored by Piaget.

                                      Piaget Andy Warhol watch

                                      WHEN PIAGET MEETS WARHOL

                                      Andy Warhol became a friend of Piaget, collaborating with the Maison, with this bold yet sleek gold and black watch being one of his favourite designs.

                                        AN ERA OF VIBRANCE

                                        At the end of the 20th century, Possession was the collection that allowed Piaget's spirit of freedom to flourish, with playful pieces that expressed the complete mastery of savoir-faire developed by the Maison.

                                        From luxury watches to fascinating high jewellery creations, it marked the future of Piaget and brought in the new century. It also marked the birth of Altiplano, an ultra-thin watch from the collection which was renamed after the South American plateau.

                                        In 2001 Piaget also opened a new Atelier in Plan-les-Ouates, sowing the seeds for the exciting future of Piaget.

                                        Piaget Possession gold rings
                                        Piaget Possession turning rings

                                        A PLAYFUL ICON

                                        Bringing playfulness to luxury jewellery with Possession, with twist and turning pieces that celebrate movement.

                                        Altiplano landscape

                                        AN INSPIRING LANDSCAPE

                                        Our iconic ultra-thin watches collection, Piaget Altiplano, was inspired by the eponymous South American high plateau, for a watch collection that sits almost flat on the wrist.

                                          Piaget Rose jewelry

                                          ROSES FOR ROMANCE

                                          The Yves Piaget rose was created by Yves Piaget himself, marking his lifelong passion for the flower and involvement in the rose world. It was only natural that we created the Piaget Rose collection, to celebrate Yves Piaget's passions; roses and exceptional luxury jewellery.

                                          Piaget high jewelry

                                          BRILLIANT IN HIGH JEWELLERY

                                          By truly exceptional craftsmen, truly exceptional creations.