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    910P Movement

    Manufacture Piaget 910P, ultra-thin automatic mechanical movement. Peripheral 22K gold rotor coated with black PVD. Housed in one of the thinnest automatic mechanical watches in the world, the 910P movement is the fruit of three years of development and a revolutionary design born with the 900P caliber. Fusing the movement to the external parts, this new masterstroke of finesse –a mere 4.30 mm thick– used the case as the plate to which the 219 components of the mechanism are affixed. This complex structure depends on an inverted construction of the movement, with bridges mounted on the dial side, a suspended barrel held in place by a single bridge –providing a 50-hour power reserve– and off-center hours and minutes display at 10 o’clock. The entirety of this ultra-thin movement and hand system is held in the height of the balance, while the gold rotor coated in black PVD is placed at the periphery in the same quest to optimize use of the space. All components are decorated in the grand watchmaking tradition, with a circular satin-brushed plate, sunburst satin-finished beveled bridges, sunburst or circular-grained wheels, and screws coated with black PVD. In the final flourish of this masterpiece of finesse, the index-assembly is stamped “P”.

    The automatic mechanical movements

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