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    Discover diamond cut wedding ring on Piaget website
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    Diamond cut wedding ring by Piaget Possession

    Piaget diamond cut wedding rings possess those who wear it, link those who offer it to those who receive it. Symbolising unions, the Possession ring created in 1990 was quickly adapted as a wedding ring. The rings are set with diamonds: one, three or seven… they are promises to be read between the lines, of love, faithfulness, attachment, infinity…

    diamond cut wedding ring More information.

    The Piaget Possesion diamond cut wedding rings develop the concept of the ring within the ring: the outside ring is held by the inside ring, but it can turn freely, with extreme fluidity. It can never come off. In this sense, Possession is a mystery. The entire mechanism is invisible, Piaget’s expertise is used to serve aesthetics and comfort.

    Piaget Possession diamond cut wedding ring: simplicity for her

    Contemporary, with pure lines, the third generation of Possession wedding ring is more androgynous and designed to be worn by men also. The diamond doesn’t stick out past the surface of the ring (it becomes part of the decor), creating a veritable fusion. Piaget offers more variety for him, with 3 or 5 rings.

    Piaget Possession diamond cut wedding ring: high jewelry expertise

    Variation of the number of diamonds on the turning wedding ring: 1, 3, 7 or a line of round or square-cut diamonds, in its high jewellery version. Each number has its own corresponding language: one diamond says «you are unique», three diamonds say «you, me, us » and «yesterday, today, tomorrow », seven diamonds, lucky number, promising the seven wonders of the world, and one line of diamonds underlines eternal love.

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