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    Discover rose gold wedding ring on Piaget website
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    Rose gold wedding ring by Piaget

    You can choose between the unique engagement and wedding creations of Swiss jeweler Piaget for the most beautiful day of your life. Created in 1990 by the mythic Manufacture, the Possession collection is the unique guardian of the eternal love you feel for the person you want to share your life with. Find the perfect symbol of love to offer to your loved one.

    rose gold wedding ring More information.

    Stunning rose gold wedding ring by Piaget: The Manufacture’s designers imagined a round, pure and refined Wedding Collection in order to make your dream come true. In the true spirit of a myth, it has no regard for the passing time and decides to have its own name engraved on its rings: Possession. The ring becomes an icon, embodying the fusion of technique and style.

    Piaget Possession rose gold wedding ring: simplicity for her, for him

    Contemporary, with pure lines, the third generation of Possession wedding ring is more androgynous and designed to be worn by men also. The diamond doesn’t stick out past the surface of the ring (it becomes part of the decor), creating a veritable fusion. Piaget offers more variety for him, with 3 or 5 rings.

    Piaget’s craftsmanship: sparkling rose gold wedding ring

    Piaget has earned a worldwide reputation for impressive craftsmanship. For its Possession rose gold wedding ring, every diamond is cut, adjusted and set by hand in order to create a unique masterpiece, symbol of your eternal love. The entire mechanism of the ring is invisible, the technical principle of Possession is protected by Piaget craftsmen in the greatest secrecy.

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