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Altiplano Ultimate Concept: luxury ultra-thin watch


Piaget unveils its new watch creations.

Jewellery novelties: gold diamond bangle bracelets


Piaget unveils its new jewellery creations.

Piaget's Extraordinary Women: passion for luxury jewellery and gold diamond watches

Discover the Extraordinary Women of Piaget

The Extraordinary Women of the Piaget Society come together to express their individual stories, drives and successes, as well as the Piaget pieces that give them their confidence.

These unique women share their achievements and philosophies for life, as they inspire each other and women and girls around the world.

A Father's Day To Remember

Discover the pieces that'll make his eyes twinkle with joy.

Limelight Gala white gold luxury watch with sapphires

Born from Glamour, Experience Limelight Gala

Radiant light and audacious energy for more than 40 years,
Limelight Gala is the glamour reference. A new era of decadence begins with dynamic dials, gradient diamonds and so much more.