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The Maison Piaget

Tourbillon movement

Piaget Tourbillon Movement - Luxury Watches

As an authentic watch Manufacture, Piaget designs, develops and assembles all its mechanical movements in-house. The most demanding of all the complication movements is the tourbillon regulator. For three solid years, the Piaget watchmakers strove to create a movement reflecting Piaget’s unparalleled skills. The multi-patented result is both spectacular and stunning. Piaget’s mastery of ultra-thin movements, and its determination to continue pushing back the limits, have made the Caliber 600P the thinnest tourbillon movement in the world at just 3.5 millimeters. Its carriage is particularly sophisticated. Made up of 42 minuscule parts, including three titanium bridges, it weighs in at just 0.2 grams. The flying tourbillon, mounted on a single axis, is topped by the initial “P,” adding to its complexity. To ensure maximum precision, the same watchmaker ensures the assembly and encasing of each 600P.

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