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Piaget – the brand for luxury watches

The Swiss company Piaget is not only famous for its luxury watches but also for its refined jewelry. Piaget boutiques can be found all over the world and are proof of more than 130 years of creativity.

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La-Cote-aux-Fees is the birthplace of the company Piaget. In 1943, the brand name for luxury watches and jewelry was created. Meanwhile, Piaget luxury items play an essential role in the international market.

The number one specialist for diamonds and watches

World-famous for the design of elegant luxury items, Piaget is the number one specialist for diamonds and watches. The sophisticated collections of the Swiss manufacturer simply take your breath away.

Luxury watches by Piaget

Piaget craftsmen know how to create unique luxury watches and refined jewelry. Their painstaking attention to detail is one of the keys to Piaget’s success. Come and discover for yourself the Piaget world of luxury.

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