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Piaget's Extraordinary Women: passion for gold diamond jewelry and luxury watches

Piaget's Extraordinary Women

Audacity, creativity, self-surpassing and radiant, these are the key traits of Piaget’s Extraordinary Women.

Join us as we discover each woman’s extraordinary journey, learning what makes them the woman they are, from their style, heritage and accomplishments.

Jessica Chastain wearing a diamond ring and rose gold diamond earrings


Meet a woman who is extraordinary both in front of and behind the camera. Now one of Hollywood’s most captivating actresses, Jessica Chastain has always known she wanted to be a performer.

She graduated from The Julliard School and went on to be nominated for two Oscars and win numerous awards celebrating her incredible performances.

Owner of a production company and a vocal participant in the Time’s Up Movement, Jessica Chastain uses her platforms to support women who have faced workplace harassment and abuse.

Jessica Chastain with a Limelight Gala white gold diamond watch

I feel at my most powerful when I am feeling creative.

Jessica Chastain
Constance Wu wearing luxury jewelry and a rose gold diamond watch


A ground-breaker in Asian-American representation in Hollywood, get to know Constance Wu, the star of Fresh off the Boat and Crazy Rich Asians, a role which landed her a Golden Globe and a Critics Choice nomination.

She also starred in Hustlers alongside Jennifer Lopez, a film that broke the studio's box office records in 2019.

Alongside her glittering career, she has been included in Time Magazine’s list of the most influential people in the world for her work as an actress and an advocate for representation.

Constance Wu with a Piaget Limelight Gala rose gold diamond watch

Empowerment is a combination of passion, grit and empathy.

Constance Wu
Constance Wu sparkling with luxury jewelry and a rose gold diamond watch
Olivia Palermo wearing gold bangle bracelets with a white gold diamond watch


Entrepreneur and international style authority Olivia Palermo empowers herself and others through her work. With her own platform and label, she brings her unique perspective to her eponymous ready-to-wear collection.

Olivia Palermo has a love and appreciation for beautiful design, inspired by the strong female influences in her life. She is also dedicated to supporting philanthropic organizations, devoting time to Dress for Success.

This allows her to empower women by providing professional attire and the tools to help women thrive in work and life.

Olivia Palermo stunning with a gold diamond watch and diamond earrings

It's about finding your own personal style because you should feel extraordinary.

Olivia Palermo
Cynthia Erivo wearing rose gold diamond jewelry and a gold diamond watch


From a young age, Cynthia Erivo was enthralled with performing.

With a charming and daring persona, she went on to excel in her art form, first amazing audiences when she starred in The Color Purple on the West End and Broadway, a dazzling performance that won her a Tony.

A true artisan of her craft, Cynthia Erivo seeks stories that portray the complexity of women and give a voice to the underrepresented.

Cynthia Erivo sparkling with rose gold diamond earrings and a gold diamond watch

I’m constantly trying to find projects that show women in their complex beauty.

Cynthia Erivo
Kong Hyo-Jin matching rose gold diamond earrings with a rose gold diamond necklace


Kong Hyo-Jin has made a name for herself in the world of film thanks to her unique and distinctive acting style, a style that has helped her receive acclaim in the industry.

From winning the 2019 KBS Drama Awards Grand Prize to being awarded Best Actress at the Korean Film Festival in 2008, Kong Hyo-Jin is a celebrated actress. Beyond performing, Ms Kong is an advocate for the many social and environmental issues including protecting abandoned dogs.

Kong Hyo-Jin mixing a white gold diamond ring with a rose gold diamond watch

I feel most powerful when I’m in front of the camera.

Kong Hyo-Jin
Shiva Safai wearing a gold diamond watch with a rose gold diamond necklace


Shiva Safai is an entrepreneur who does it all, from being a model, businesswoman to a charity ambassador.

Born with a self-surpassing spirit, she started her first business at a young age and has since gone on to cultivate a strong digital brand that has thrived thanks to her radiant persona and authenticity.

A fan favorite of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Daily Pop, Shiva uses her platform to raise awareness and support of her philanthropic endeavors for children in need.

Shiva Safai with a Piaget Limelight Gala rose gold diamond watch

Style and emotions are connected and it's important to be able to translate your emotions through style.

Shiva Safai
Balqees Ahmed Fathi matching white gold diamond jewelry with a diamond watch


Meet the Emirati singer with three record-breaking albums, Balqees Fathi, member of the UAE NSO Symphony Orchestra who has performed in many opera houses around the world.

Alongside her glittering music career, she was given the title of UN Champion of Women’s Rights in the Middle East and was the first Arabic singer to perform at a women-only concert in Saudi Arabia.

Another pioneer step in her career, she was also the first Arabic singer to appear on Saudi national television, a true visionary in social progress.  

Balqees Fathi wearing a gold diamond bangle bracelet and a Limelight Gala diamond watch

Power and confidence, it’s all about power and confidence.

Balqees Ahmed Fathi
Balqees Fathi sparkling with a rose gold diamond necklace and a luxury watch
Arianne Philips & Carineh Martin: passion for luxury jewelry and diamond watches

Arianne Philips & Carineh Martin

Rulebreakers, trailblazers and luxury experts, Arianne Phillips and Carineh Martin are the masterminds behind RAD (Red Carpet Advocacy), an organization that puts a new spin to the red carpet experience by transforming it into a space for discussion between celebrities, designers and charities.

The perfect pair, Arianne Phillips is the remarkable fashion stylist and costume designer behind some of Hollywood’s biggest films and Carineh Martin is the ingenious luxury brand marketer who’s worked with the likes of Prada, Dior and Estée Lauder.

Arianne Philips and Carineh Martin wearing luxury jewelry and gold diamond watches

It's really empowering to figure out what's good for us.

Arianne Philips & Carineh Martin
Arianne Philips & Carineh Martin sparkling with luxury jewelry and gold diamond watches
Chen Man matches rose gold diamond earrings with a luxury watch


Chen Man, a visionary artist with a unique visual style.

She blurs the boundaries between fashion and artistic photography, blending modern aesthetics with Chinese culture.

Her work is exhibited in the worlds most celebrated fashion magazines from Vogue, to i-D to Harper’s Bazaar, and she has permanent collections in London’s Victora & Albert Museum and San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum.

She has created global recognition for visual arts coming from Chinese women and women at large.

Chen Man looks stunning with a white gold diamond pendant and a diamond watch

I believe details create the big picture.

Chen Man
Chen Man sparkling with a gold diamond ring and a rose gold diamond watch