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Your Piaget watch is a carefully crafted precious instrument, and it requires proper care. In this section, we will provide you with the key information to care for your watch, such as tips on daily care, cleaning and storage. Our Piaget specialists are also available in our boutiques to provide you with personalised maintenance advice.


Eight simple tips for looking after your luxury watch.

  • luxury watch winding

    Your mechanical watch will enjoy being wound up each day to keep its movement in motion.

    • For a manual-winding watch, turn the crown until it resists, without forcing it. 
    • For a self-winding (automatic) watch, we recommend at least 20 turns of the crown.
  • luxury watch battery signal

    Your quartz watch loves a fresh battery anytime it stops

  • luxury watch magnetism caution

    Keeping your watch away from magnetic fields will preserve its precision. 

    In case of doubt, you can have your watch checked by taking it to a Piaget boutique or authorised retailer.

  • luxury watch cleaning

    Take your watch off before you swim in seawater or use cosmetics. To clean your watch case and metal bracelet, simply wipe with a little soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. 

  • luxury watch shocks protection

    Protect your watch by removing it when carrying out activities involving strong vibrations or impacts.

  • luxury watch date adjustment

    Nighttime is for sleeping, you can adjust the date on your watch at any time during the day to preserve its mechanism.

  • luxury watch storage

    When not on your wrist, your watch should remain in a safe, dry place, protected from light.

  • luxury watch and leather straps care

    Help keep the strap of your watch looking like new by following a few care tips:

    For leather straps avoid the following: 

    ·        Frequent contact with water

    ·        Exposure to excessive humidity

    ·        Prolonged exposure to sunlight

    ·        Contact with cosmetics and oily materials

    For rubber straps, avoid:

    ·        Nail varnish

    ·        Prolonged exposure to sunlight


You have the privilege of benefiting from a personalised inspection of your watch. As a client and member of our community, you can pop into a Piaget boutique and our specialists will be happy to help.

Piaget luxury watch and jewellery store


When you bring your Piaget watch to one of our boutiques, we can check the exterior of your watch for scratches, impact marks, and traces of dust and discoloration. That way you know what to look out for.

Piaget luxury watch check-up


You can be sure you are always right on time by visiting with one of our specialists in our boutiques. They can use their equipment to ensure your Swiss watch is keeping perfect time, and suggest intervention if necessary.

Piaget luxury watch magnetisation control


If your watch has come into contact with a magnetic field, it won't run properly. If you suspect this our specialists can check for magnetisation and solve the problem for you.

Piaget luxury watch functional control


Our specialist can check all the functions of your watch to make sure it is running properly, such as the date and time, and the chronograph.