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    608P movement

    In building upon the technical specifications and carriage of the 600P tourbillon movement, Piaget revolutionized watchmaking with the 608P tourbillon relatif movement. This movement is revolutionary on two grounds: the embodiment of Piaget's daring creativity and its constant willingness to harness the power of technology for esthetic ends. Suspended at the tip of the minutes hand, the carriage of the flying tourbillon movement seems detached from the basic mechanism which drives it. The visual effect it produces is accentuated by the presence of the stylized "P" of Piaget. The asymmetry of the design required meticulous adjustments in order to respect the balance of the whole movement. The hours are displayed by a central disc, while the tourbillon carriage, positioned on the minutes hand, rotates on its own axis. The three bridges of the tourbillon carriage are crafted in titanium, a highly resistant and lightweight material. Composed of 42 elements, the carriage – which rotates on its own axis once per minute in addition to the rotation around the dial every hour – weighs only 0.2 grams! Its mainplate is circular-grained, its bridges beveled and hand-drawn. Finally, the circular Côtes de Genève and blued screws round off this exceptional movement, recalling the esthetic codes cherished by the Swiss watch brand. New hand design celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 608P.

    The movements with major complications

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