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    • Should you require information or help, the best way to contact us is by using this contact form and we shall endeavour to contact you as soon as possible. 

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      • Contact us using your preferred communication channel in the May We Help You section of our website.

      Please note that there may be a delay before the unsubscription is taken into account and you may therefore continue to receive newsletters for up to 48 hours after you unsubscribe. 

    • We encourage all applications from interested candidates with a strong passion for the Piaget brand and heritage.

      Please consult all of our open positions by visiting the Careers section of our website or our LinkedIn page.

      Simply create your candidate profile with us online by answering a few short questions. You may also create job alerts for your desired career search to ensure you will be informed as soon as a suitable position becomes available.

    • Piaget creations are sold exclusively in our boutiques and our network of authorised retailers. You can find the full list of our boutiques and authorised retailers with their opening hours, product offers and contact details by using our Find a Boutique feature on our website. 

      Piaget creations are also available to purchase via telephone with our Client Relations Service. Please feel free to make contact with them for any information.

    • Piaget is committed to creating a sustainable future for business, society and the environment.

      To discover our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, kindly visit the CSR section of our website by clicking here.


    • The authenticity of a Piaget creation can only be determined by a qualified Piaget specialist during a service in one of our service centres or by a reputable auction house such as Christie's, Antiquorum or Sotheby's.

      It is advised to only purchase Piaget creations from official Piaget boutiques or authorised retailers, as every new Piaget watch or piece of jewellery comes with a warranty card issued by Piaget.

    • No, Piaget does not provide any certificates of authenticity.

      However, as an alternative, Piaget can provide you with a certificate for insurance value.

      To avoid counterfeits, we strongly suggest that you always purchase your Piaget creations from Piaget boutiques or authorised retailers. 

    • In the event that your Piaget creation is currently available in a Piaget boutique, we can provide you with its current recommended retail value for a new creation purchased at a Piaget boutique or authorised retailer.

      However, if your creation is a vintage piece, Piaget is not able to provide you with a quoted value since it depends on the supply and demand in the watches and jewellery market.

      Therefore, only a professional specialised in antique pieces will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of its value.

      If you wish, you can also visit one of our boutiques where one of our sales associates will be happy to assist you with your request. 

    • Some Piaget jewellery creations are very delicate and require special precautions. Therefore, please avoid certain situations that might damage your jewellery, such as:

      • when washing your hands;
      • during a sporting activity;
      • on the beach;
      • in situations leading to intense thermal shocks (e.g. sauna);
      • when performing household tasks with corrosive products;
      • when gardening or performing any manual activity; 
      • when applying your makeup and perfume.

      Store your jewellery in its original box or carefully wrap it separately and place it in a Piaget travel pouch (available from boutiques), to prevent it from being scratched.

      Visit the Taking Care of your Jewel section of our website for more care advices. 

    • To preserve the appearance and movement of your watch, avoid any thermal shocks, vibrations and contact with solvents.

      Exposure to sunlight, chemical products, extreme temperatures or to magnetic fields might place the optimal working order of your timepiece at risk.

      For this reason, we highly recommend that you consult the detailed care advice on our website under the Taking Care of your Watch section. 

    • As each service request is considered independently, you will be informed of the estimated repair time once your creation has been physically examined.

    • To track the status of your repair, kindly contact the Boutique or authorised retailer where you submitted your creation for service. You may also contact our Client Relations Service at +44 (0) 800 279 51 10 with your repair number. 

    • No, to avoid possible deterioration of the movement of your watch, Piaget does not recommend that you wear your timepiece when practising sports that may lead to frequent strong vibrations and impacts.

      Our luxury watches are precision instruments and repeated, sharp impacts may have a negative influence on movement accuracy or even cause damage.

    • In everyday life, we increasingly come into contact with magnetic fields. Magnets (from the fridge, from a handbag, etc.), televisions, Hi-Fi equipment and electrical household appliances such as microwaves can affect the correct operation of your watch. While they will not actually damage your watch, they may alter its precision or even cause it to stop.

      If you have any doubts, take your watch to your nearest Piaget boutique or authorised retailer to be checked.

    • With the exception of a few specific models (especially some vintage models), Piaget watches are designed and crafted to guarantee water-resistance to at least 30 metres. However, the functions, push-pieces and crown on your watch should not be operated underwater. 

      In the event of persistent condensation underneath the crystal, we recommend that you have your watch checked. Non-water-resistant watches are resistant to dust and ambient humidity. However, they should not be brought into contact with liquids or subjected to high-humidity environments such as inside a sauna. The water-resistance of your watch may be affected when exposed to extreme temperatures, sudden atmospheric changes (e.g. sauna), cosmetics, cleaning products or perspiration. 

      Make sure to always rinse your watch in fresh water after you have been swimming in the sea or in a pool. Additionally, try as much as possible to avoid submerging your leather strap in water as humidity might accelerate your strap's ageing process. 

      For more preservation and care advice, we highly recommend that you consult the Taking Care of your Watch.

    • To ensure optimum performance, we recommend that you fully wind your mechanical watch once a day, ideally at the same time. When you wind it, make sure you do not force the crown when it stops, as this could seriously damage the movement.

    • It may happen that on some days you have too little activity to guarantee ideal winding conditions for your watch's automatic movement.

      In case the problem happens in other circumstances, the power reserve of your watch should be tested by a Piaget boutique or authorised retailer.

    • Yes, the date must never be set between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m., otherwise the mechanism may be damaged. It is during these hours that the pinions position themselves to automatically change the date. Be especially careful to always change the date outside of this time zone.

    • The battery lifetime depends on the model and usage. In theory, the battery of your Piaget timepiece needs to be replaced every 2 years on average. Our watchmakers can quickly perform this simple service for you during a routine check.

      We strongly advise against leaving a dead battery inside a Piaget watch for long periods of time to avoid any damage.

    • Straps are vulnerable to the acidity of skin, perspiration, temperature changes, long exposure to sunlight and cosmetics. Our straps are precious creations and require some care in order to keep them in the best possible condition. We recommend that you avoid contact with water or any other liquids that might cause damage.

      To provide maximum protection for your strap, we highly recommend that you consult the detailed care advice on our website under the Taking Care of your watch section.

      To order a new strap, please contact your nearest Piaget boutique or authorised retailer. 

    • Yes, it is possible to personalise your Piaget watch. We offer numerous watch straps or bracelet combinations with several options of colours, finishes, buckles, etc.

      You may also choose to engrave your watch depending on the model.

      Any modification request should be approved by a Piaget boutique or authorised retailer.

      If any modification is performed by a non-authorised service centre, Piaget will no longer be able to service your watch.

      To accessorise your watch, please take it to your nearest Piaget boutique or authorised retailer. 

    • Yes, Piaget offers you the possibility to engrave your jewellery free of charge when requested within the 3 months following the purchase date.

      Engraving feasibility depends both on the model and on the desired engraving. We therefore recommend that you take your creation to your nearest Piaget boutique.

    • If you wish to service your jewellery, we invite you to visit your nearest Piaget boutique.

      You can also get in touch with our Client Relations Service for guidance.

    • In the event that your Piaget Possession jewellery has ceased to turn, please bring it to your nearest Piaget boutique. This problem might appear following repeated or sharp impacts.

    • Yes, regular polishing will help to restore your creation close to its original condition. It is carried out entirely by hand by highly experienced polishers. A polishing service removes an extremely fine layer of metal; this is why jewellery should only be polished when necessary.

      Please visit the Servicing your Jewel section of our website for more details about Piaget's polishing service.

    • Yes, in most cases, Piaget rings, necklaces and chains can be adjusted.

      However, it might not be possible for some models due to their very specific conception.

      Please visit your nearest Piaget boutique for guidance and advice. 

    • If you wish to service your watch, we invite you to visit your nearest Piaget boutique or authorised retailer.

      You also have the option to send your watch for repair.

      For more details, please visit the Shipping your watch section of our website, or contact our Client Relations Service for guidance.

    • When the battery of your Piaget watch no longer works, you should bring your watch to a Piaget boutique or authorised retailer to have it replaced.

      You also have the option to send your watch for battery replacement. 

      For more details, please visit the Shipping your watch section of our website, or contact our Client Relations Service for guidance.

    • Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure the longevity of your creation. In everyday use, your watch might be subject to many stresses such as vibrations, impacts, dust, water, UV radiation, perspiration or fluctuations in temperature.

      For this reason, we recommend that you have your watch serviced every three to four years, by bringing it to one of our Piaget Boutique or to an authorised retailer of your choice. For more details please visit the Servicing your Watch section of our website.

      You also have the possibility to send us your watch as described in the "Shipping your watch" section of our website.

    • We recommend that you have the water resistance of your Piaget watch examined regularly, particularly in the case of regular sporting activity or if your watch frequently comes into contact with water.

      Piaget's watchmakers or authorised retailers are authorised to carry out the regular maintenance and water-resistance services.

    • In the event that you would like to restore your vintage piece, please visit your nearest Piaget boutique or authorised retailer.

      Such specific and highly qualified work may only be carried out by authorised retailers or by a team of specialists in the Piaget manufacture in La Côte-aux-Fées (Switzerland). When vintage pieces are restored, they recover their original performance.

    • Yes, even if you do not wear your Piaget watch very often, the mechanism can wear out with the time and should be inspected regularly.

      For this reason, we recommend that you service your watch every three to four years, independent of usage.

    • Your Piaget watch is guaranteed for a period of 24 months.

      The International Piaget Guarantee applies to Piaget watches sold or presented for repair under guarantee in any country except the United States of America and Canada.

      You can also get a 12 month guarantee after servicing your watch with a Piaget boutique or authorised retailer.

      Please visit the Documentation for your Watch section on our website to find further details about this guarantee.

    • Piaget watch warranty cards are only issued once.

      In the event that you have lost your card and wish to activate the warranty, the invoice delivered by Piaget or by an authorised retailer is an acceptable replacement to do so.